Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive.

I have a door that sticks and doesn’t open or close properly does that mean my home is unlevel?

If the hinges on the door are in good shape the answer is yes.

I have had excessive moisture under my mobile home caused by a supply line leak and have had drainage problems does that mean my home is unlevel?

Yes, and it would be well worth your time to call your insurance company to see if it would classify as a claim.

We’ve noticed several cracked blocks and piers that are leaning does our home need to be leveled?

Most definitely yes, weight distributed unevenly is usually the cause for cracks in blocks and piers. Also piers leaning is a good indication that shifting and/or sinking has occurred.

We’ve noticed our skirting is bowing and breaking does our home need to be re-leveled?

Usually yes, this is a good indication of a mobile home needing to be leveled.

Our double-wide appears to be separating in the center were the two halves come together is this an indication of the home being unlevel?

Yes, normal settlement usually occurs on the outer perimeter of the home caused by excessive moisture causing the two halves to separate.

Our home is on concrete runners will it be necessary to have our home re-leveled?

Yes, but not as often in most cases if the runners were not installed at the proper level at the frost line the cold climate could cause the runners to be inadequate resulting in an needed adjustment.